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Success Stories


Akshya & Prerana

Earlier, I used to believe that it happens only in fantasies when one day an angel enters into your life and suddenly with a flash, the entire life transforms. But it happened with me, it happened on October 24th 2015, when I met a girl and who in no time changed my entire life. Prerana has come as an inspiration in my life, she is someone with whom I look forward to live, and live every moment to its fullest. Although we both were two distinct individuals with very varied interests and lifestyle, however, our common beliefs and principles have united us in a bond, a bond so strong that we connect, feel, sense and understand each other, each other in entirety. All this has been made possible only because of website, I cant express my gratitude towards piyamilan.com who have united me with my soulmate, my life, my Prerana.

Feb 9

Krutika & Karan

We both are very grateful to matrimonial site as sometimes even strangers can understand you way better than people you already know. We both were inclined to the thought of doing an arranged marriage but with feelings for the other person mainly love and understanding.Then, It all started with an invite from him, he talked to my father and impressed him alot. The next day ,I got a call from an international no. as he was in new zealand at that point of time, i was having lunch in office. We talked, and we talked like friends- no hesitation, no awkwardness, nothing. There were laughters, joys and understanding even in our first talk with each other. We decided to take it forward. We talked and talked for hours and days over phone and Skype, he said he doesn't talk much and was a shy kind of person. But, surprisingly to us, he talked his heart out. We started sharing a bond so strong, we both lived away from our families for years because of work and studies. We had so much in common in terms of ethics, morality and priorities of life, that we connected on each and every level .We both being choosy people, we took our time of 4 months to talk over phone and skype. Then, he came to india on 10th Dec, came to Bangalore to meet me on 12th ,(Commendable, right!). We ate and roamed around the city all day (He was with jet lag and tiresome after 14hr flight) but never uttered a word. Great part was i ate as much as he does (hahaha) and best part is -that is what he liked at first. That evening, he left back to Delhi. We both knew this was it. We both wanted that day to be everyday from then on. We both agreed we wanted to spend our lives with each other. He met my family in person next day. I had a Skype video call with his family. Everyone was happy. For us both, it mattered that are families are also equally happy about our marriage. So they were. I went to Delhi, We arranged an engagement straight away. On 7th Jan, we had our engagement planned and went ahead with it. On 12th March 2016, we are getting married. I can't thank enough to this platform for giving me love of my life and the man i always wanted. Probably i got more than what i expected. Personally i never thought piyamilan.com can be a part of most vital decision of my life. But i m glad it is. And here i am sharing with all of you who are still waiting to be somebody's last love. Hang in there, the more efforts you put, the more you fail, the greater you will get. Thanks Cheers !

Jan 18

Navid & Rajiya

First of all thank you so much for this wonderful, amazing, awesome site. You people are doing such a great job About our story, it just like a movie: I saw her photo on Piyamilan.com, and she was looking so innocent on that picture.I shown her photo to my family and they also liked her picture (First time my complete family thinking got match, it means everyone liked her) I sent her request, but she didn't respond, because of busy schedule, then finally after five week she accepted my request, in between that gap she was in my dream... Then we talked on Piyamilan.com chatting software. (Which is very nice and comfortable specially for girls, because if they don't want to share their number for security reason still we can talk on this software). We discussed several things, we asked questions, after that we shared our contact number with each other. Then finally we decided to meet, and we mate in Barista cafe. In first meeting I surrendered my heart to her, because she was just like that, how I was expecting my life partner (Beautiful, tall, fair, sweet, caring, educated, understanding) After three meetings we decided to tell our family that we liked each other, so after informing our parents they came together for further discussion. We are getting engaged on 1st of Aug 2015, and got married on 4th Oct 2015. Thanks you once again God will give you lots of success ahead"

Feb 4

Abizer & Shehnaaz

Little did we know that the routine morning of 20th September 2015 would turn out to be a day that we would remember for our entire lives.I (Abizer) was instantly hooked to her Piyamilan.com profile and it made me say "This is the kind of girl I was looking for : Simple, caring, modest, educated and of-course pretty!". I had almost lost her profile when I accidentally declined the Piyamilan.com. Fortunately, I could trace her profile ID and ultimately our parents could converse to take things ahead. We started with a long distance friendship (me being in USA) and shared casual texts, phone calls and pictures. Soon, in the matter of just 4 months we fell for each other's persona. Our parents had already met in India. Finally, after a wait of 4 months, it was time for us to see each other in real. The comfort level we shared never made us feel that we were meeting for the first time. We were thrilled and excited to take things ahead. Apparently, no story is complete without twists and turns. Our story hit a low as well. But, God had planned out things for us and He was in no mood to change his plans. The dark clouds dispersed soon and bright, sparkling rays of life and love blessed us. On 14th January 2016, with the blessings of elders and relatives we officially got engaged. We spent beautiful 8 days of our lives together, which served to further holster our love and trust for each other. With a heavy heart I left for USA and a promise that I will be back soon to take her with me. We thanks Piyamilan.com who served as a medium for us to find each other.

Feb 15

Imran & Sasha

I met my soul mate on the website. I was in Pakistan and Sasha was in USA. They relation which started by a simply sending interest in April 2013 and turned into love affair. Sasha and her family visited Pakistan in October 2014, we walked down the ale (18 October 2014) and promised live together till death apart us.Thanks to Piyamilan.com.

Feb 16

Sukhi & Rav

I liked Rav's profile and messaged him via the live chat feature. However after we exchanged pleasantries he unfortunately got disconnected....not thinking anything more of it and returning to normal life he emailed me a few days later to apologise and we hit it off straight away, neither of us had any expectations and were both surprised we got on so well. We met a few weeks later for a drink and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked somebody, returning home with a big cheesy smile on my face. Within weeks we were both head over heels and totally in love. Most days I pinch myself to make sure it's all real. We get on extremely well and absolutely can not wait to get married. His parents are coming over to meet my parents next week and we will start the wedding plans soon after...still pinching myself :)

Feb 16

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